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Parent Leadership Training
Center for New London Parent Leadership

Get involved! Download a flyer of our upcoming Parents Supporting Educational Excellence
(Parents SEE) events.

Free courses! Free Child Care! Free Dinner! Need assistance with transportation? Just ask and see what services are available! Spanish Translation available!

Become a Parent Leader!
Are you looking to increase your communication and advocacy skills? Are you looking to create positive changes in systems that impact your children and family? Do you want to become more involved in your community? Become a parent leader!

Who can be a Parent Leader?
If you have children (biological, step, foster, adoptive), are a grandparent raising your grandchildren (biological, step, foster, adoptive), or just have a passion to create a positive change for systems that impact children and communities - you can be a parent leader!

2016/17 Trainings   download calendar
(In partnership with New London Public School and OIC of New London County Inc.)

Classes begin
March 4th 2017

(Saturday Retreat)
Weekly Classes Tuesday Nights:
5:00 - 8:30PM

106 Truman St. 2nd Floor,
New London, CT 06320
(OIC of New London County, Inc.)

Applications Due by
Thursday, Feb 23rd
Parents Supporting Educational Excellence (Parents SEE)
download a flyer and application

In collaboration between the Connecticut Commission on Children and the Connecticut Center for School Change, PSEE was developed to provide motivated parents with the skills and understanding necessary to become active leaders and change agents in the education system.

The Four Core Beliefs of Parents SEE
  • All children can achieve high standards.
  • Our society has the responsibility to educate all children.
  • Parental involvement in education is essential to student success.
  • Informed civic engagement makes schools better and helps children achieve at higher levels.
The Parents SEE curriculum develops four fundamental concepts
  • Leadership
  • Partnership
  • Change
  • Education policy
"It's an eye-opening experience; I have not only learned more about the school system, I have also learned more about my community as well as myself and what I can do to make a difference" (Parents SEE graduate)

"This Course gave me insight into what parents need in order to be more effective advocates for change" (Parents SEE graduate)

This 13 week training meets once a week and includes the following sessions:
  • Retreat: Getting started and course overview
  • What do effective schools look like?
  • What is change?
  • How and why do schools change?
  • What is our education system?
  • How does your school district function?
  • What is a citizen's/parent's role in how the school district functions?
  • Why do some students succeed in school while others do not?
  • What is a parent's role in children's learning and school improvement?
  • When are improvements in school warranted?
  • What are key education policies?
  • How do parents lead in schools?
  • What do knowledge, skills, and a civic tool kit mean for effective parent leadership in education?
All graduates receive a certificate from the State of CT at a statewide graduation at the Capitol. Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) are offered by the State Department of Education.

Alumni Trainings
Designed for the continued development of Parent Leadership Alumni

Persuasive Story Telling & Parent Presentations
Learn how incorporating personal stories into public speaking situations benefits the cause of children's mental health and how to develop your own personal skills when it comes to sharing your story in public spaces! To register please email Maegan Parrott at or call (860) 442-4994.

Parent Ambassador Program
In partnership with New London Youth Affairs, New London Public Schools, and OIC of New London County Inc., the Parent Ambassador program is designed for Parent Leaders who are interested in taking a leadership position in a local school. In addition, they play an instrumental role in the creation of New London Parent University (inspired by Hartford Parent University).

New London Parent University
Inspired by the Hartford Parent University, the New London Parent University will be a "parent-led and community collaborative that engages, empowers, mobilizes and trains parents to advocate and support not only their child's learning but their own personal learning."

MaeganFor more information about the Center for New London Parent Leadership please contact:

Maegan Parrott
Parent Leadership Training Coordinator
New London Youth Affairs
Center for New London Parent Leadership
120 Broad St. New London, CT 06320
Office: (860)442-4994
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